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Shark Performance ECU Tuning Redifined
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Shark Performance USA

Shark Performance USA is located in Minneapolis, MN. We are the US Distributor and Dealer for Shark Performance which is based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK.

Got Volvo C30, S40, V50 or C70 T5 and in need of more power? BLACK FRIDAY/CYBER MONDAY SALE! $50 OFF HANDHELDS!

We offer everything from Stage 1 to Stage 4 tunes for these cars. Every tune is custom built for your modifications and preferred octane level.

Stage hardware requirements:

Stage 1 - n/a
Stage 2 - Intake, Exhaust & Downpipe
Stage 3 - Intake, Exhaust, Downpipe & FMIC
Stage 4/4+ - K16 Turbo, Injectors, Intake, Exhaust, Downpipe, FMIC & VIDA for logging

Local Tunes (MN & WA) $699, Handhelds $749 shipped in US. Handheld Tuning Device includes Immobilier map and can host up to 5 Volvo cars with multiple maps. Order from website or Email us for more info: info@sharkperformance.us

Interested in getting your BMW coded? We have new exciting partnership that allows us to do BMW E/F-Series coding remotely.

We have very comprehensive list of coding we can do. Few examples for the new BMW M3/M4 (F80/F82/F83): EuroMDM, EuroLED (AntiDazzle), Amber Corner Delete, Enhanced Bluetooth, Mirror & Window control from the key fob and many many more. Email us for more info: info@sharkperformance.us.

Shark Performance Next Gen Self Tuning System now Available!

- Hardware support for over 2100 cars - Click here for the list
- Single car per device
- Built in Diagnostics

Email us for more info: info@sharkperformance.us

Share your Volvo Self Tuning System with your friends and family and earn $50 per additional car (max 5). For more info email us at info@sharkperformance.us

Many protected Audi and VW ECUs can now be flashed over OBD WITHOUT prior removal. Cars that can now be flashed include: 1.4TSI/TFSI, 1.8TSI/TFSI, 2.0TSI/TFSI, 3.0TFSI, NEW 4.0TFSI (S6/7 RS6/7) most 2.0TDI CR110 CR136 CR140 CR143 and CR170, NEW 2.0TDI CR150 and CR184, 3.0TDI CR204 CR240 CR245 CR313. If you have any queries on whether your car can be flashed over OBD without removing the ECU please email us at info@sharkperformance.us

Mini Tuning now available at Shark Performance USA. Check the model lineup under Performance Tuning.

Getsharktuned.com mini site open!
Get Shark Tuned Our new mini site is open! This site allows customers easily add features and additional cars to their self-tuning systems, perform stage upgrades or customize their tune if they just received the self-tuning system.

Shark Performance USA Online Gift Cards are available from the site.

Also PayPal Giftcards for our site are available:

Volvo T6 Tune Available
Volvo C30 T5 Tuning Volvo T6 Software now available for all Volvo models. Check out our Performance Tuning section for more information.

Currently only available at Shark Performance Volvo dealers.

https://www.facebook.com/SharkPerformanceUSA Check out our new US Facebook page. Like us for product updates and news.

If you are interested in getting tuning done check out Performance Tuning selection or contact us for more information: info@sharkperformance.us. We also offer the Self Tuning System which allows customers to conveniently tune their car from home and save multiple programs. We will also be offering our US customers ITG Intakes/Filters, Wagner Intercoolers and Milltek exhausts - previously these were only available for UK customers and exclusive for Shark Performance UK. Ever heard V50 D5 sound this good?

We're proud C30Crew Vendor!
Volvo C30 T5 Tuning We are now Forum Vendor @ C30Crew.com. Check out the crew's website at www.c30crew.com. They have awesome forums with lots of great information about Volvo C30.

Please have a browse around the site and see what we can do for you, or alternatively

For Performance Upgrade Call (612) 217-0012

Looking to sell or buy old tires? Shark Performance USA is sponsoring new free tire listing service Locateusedtires.com.


Call us now at (612) 217-0012
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Shark Performance USA is located in Minneapolis, MN. We are the US Distributor and Dealer for Shark Performance which is a tuner based in Mansfield, Nottinghamshire, UK, specializing in tuning all European cars. Drawing on years of knowledge and enthusiasm, we are able to offer you the best performance software money can buy. Whether it's a small boost in power, a desire for better fuel economy, or a fully bespoke remap written exactly for your modifications, Shark Performance can help you achieve your goal.
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