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Volvo Self Tuning System - Instructions

Basic steps to get your car tuned:

1) Download ECMTune software from here and install the software.

2) Plug in the Self Tuning System to your computer with USB cable and click Sync under Check for Updates section - When Sync is done the display should read: "ECMTUNE Handheld" and you should see all your Vehicle information in the ECMTune program.

3) Follow the ECUTune Instructions; complete steps 1, 2, 3 & 4 - you might see "Error: Not programmed for this vehicle" message but finish the process by completing steps 8 & 9.

4) Plug in the Self Tuning System to your computer with USB cable and click Sync under Check for Updates section to resync with Server. This allows us to receive software versions from Volvo and we will start working on your tune.

5) You will receive an email from ECMTune when your new tune is available for download. Turnaround times during business days for Stage 1 - 3 tunes are 24h to 48h. More for Custom Tunes (k16/K16 Hybrid/etc).

6) Follow the ECUTune Instructions to upload the tune to the car (should take around 4-5 minutes) and enjoy.

Troubleshooting Issues:

Sync Failure - "Synchronization with server failed. Check internet Connection...":
1) Check to make sure the Handheld unit is plugged into the computer.
2) Disable antivirus - this can stop ECMSYNC from connecting to the server.
3) Disable Firewall - this can stop ECMSYNC from connecting to the server.

Error: Vehicle not Detected:
1) Check that the ignition is in Position II and try again.

Error: Not programmed for this vehicle:
1) The vehicle you are working with is not registered with this ECMTUNE Handheld – Recommend connecting your ECMTUNE handheld with your PC and check for updates.
2) We have seen this error displayed a few times even though the sync with car had worked correctly. Please continue to step 4) in the basic steps list and send a note to our support that you got the error but did resync afterwards - we can verify from our server if the sync was successful.

ECMSYNC Synchronization Error: Your product serial number is not authorized. Please contact your software provider:
1) The ECMTUNE Handheld has not been activated. Please contact our support at

Need more help?
Contact our support either by emailing us or call us (612)-617-0012.

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