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Optimizing tune using VIDA logs

What's needed?

- Volvo/Clone DICE
- Volvo VIDA
- Video Capture Software - for example Jing

Notice: Shark Performance cannot guaranteed the compatibility of the DICE Clone devices.

How do I setup Logging?

- Plug in DICE to the car
- Open VIDA
- Create connection to the car
- Select Diagnostics
- Select Vehicle Communication
- Highlight ECM Module
- Add items below to the logging

Select what to log:
- Turbo boost / Intake air pressure
- Tcv duty cycle
- Mass airflow
- Throttle
- Rpm
- Oxygen sensor
- Throttle angle
- Short term fuel Trim
- Long term fuel Trim

Start Logging:

- Find a nice flat safe road or closed area
- Select Graphical View in Vida
- Start Jing Video Capture on video area (also so that the numbers on bottom show)
- Start Vida Logging
- Perform 3-4 3rd gear runs from 2000rpm-> red line acceleration runs (or Dyno)
- Stop VIDA Logging
- Stop Jing Video Capture
- Upload video to youtube (need conversion from SWF format ) or dropbox so it can be viewed

What's next?

- Email us a link to the videos and we will go over them and adjust the tune if necessary.  We'll keep improving the logging options and update this page based on our findings.


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